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All the Fluevogs, all lined up. These are all the pairs I own so far. There will be more to come. =)

Text 13 Sep

After a very long day yesterday, I slept very soundly, and woke up around nine this morning. Heather and I spent some time relaxing before heading towards downtown. It was a rainy day in Ottawa, but that didn’t deter us from our mission. That mission: to obtain my new Fluevogs. I had originally not been sure about them, but decided a while back that I wanted to give the Ottawa exclusive Fluevogs a try. We originally didn’t think they were available anymore, but I discovered on a visit that they were… so I immediately put them on layaway. The result was a fabulous one.


I’m very pleased with them, but they definitely won’t be the type of shoes I’ll be wearing on an everyday basis. They’re definitely some of the fanciest Fluevogs that I own, which I can’t complain about at all. They will definitely get wear at my work Christmas party this year, and any other fancy events that might come up.

We headed back to Rideau and went into a few places before stopping in at the dining hall to grab a bite to eat. We got more wallflower scents and a few candles at Bath & Body Works, as well as a couple of cute Halloweeny things. We decided to check out Amaya, an Indian restaurant. We decided to try the Butter Chicken, which was amazing… The naan was also some of the best I’ve ever tasted, and to top everything off, they also had gulab jamun. The whole experience was fantastic.

We went to Place to see if Target had put it’s Halloween decorations out, and were sad to see that there wasn’t anything yet. We went to a few other stores before making our way home, including HMV. I found an amazing keychain, which Heather decided I couldn’t leave without. She’s a sweetie.


We followed our trip with Doctor Who, which was really fantastic this week. It was definitely a fun day. 

Text 12 Sep

I’ve been awake since 4:30 this morning… I had set an alarm for 5, as Rogers had sent a message saying that the reservation system would be set up for then. I’m not sure why I work up before my alarm, but I decided to check the website to see if it had started early. It was good that I checked, because it was active. It only took me 5 minutes and I had an iPhone 6 reserved. I’m a couple of hundred people in on the list, but apparently that’s a nationwide number, so I will hopefully have my phone next Friday. If there’s any complications - which there usually is - I’ll just wait until Saturday. It wouldn’t be an iPhone launch without the system going down, right?

I confirmed information about paying of my Flextab, as there isn’t that much left. Apparently I can do that when I pick up my phone, so all looks good. I’m pretty excited. My iPhone 5 battery has to be charged twice a day, and that’s not fun. I look forward to the better battery life promised with iPhone 6. This is all falling at just the right time as well, with October being a three pay month.

Hopefully I’ll make it through today with little issue. Thankfully, it is Friday. Tomorrow I’m going to bring home some new Fluevogs. It’s a good week. =)

Text 11 Sep

I downloaded the iOS 8 GM on Tuesday for my iPhone 5, and so far I’m pleased with its performance. Battery life seems slightly better, and I’ve been playing with a few of the small changes. There are no really drastic changes, but I do enjoy being able to respond to texts from my lock screen. It seems responsive enough, and most of my apps are functioning normally. My OC Transpo app seems to be the only regularly used app that isn’t working so far, and they’ll fix that. I can deal without it for a bit. I do hope to upgrade to an iPhone 6 this year, so hopefully I’ll be able to make that happen.

I got my copies of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the mail yesterday, which makes me extremely happy. I decided to start out watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I’ll watch the movie a little later on.

Heading out a little early today on a quest for Homeburgers before I head to work. I wish they were available in more stores. Ideally, I’d like to see a Lick’s in Ottawa again. *sigh*

Text 9 Sep

After our amazing night on Saturday, (which is still resonating with me now), we slept in later than usual. Sunday turned out to be a pretty lazy day, though there was much that needed to be done. My mom passed along a turkey that she wasn’t going to use, and we decided to have a turkey dinner, for no other reason than it was an awesome idea.

That being said, I immediately had to throw the turkey in the oven in order to have it prepared at a decent time. Then commenced the lazing. I really didn’t do much at all. By the time the turkey was almost ready we hadn’t even gone shopping for other things that we needed. We got out of the house to do that as quickly as we could.

When we got back, our turkey was perfectly cooked. We got it out of the oven and quickly prepared other parts of the meal. Inno joined us for turkey, which was awesome. We watched Doctor Who while we ate, as we didn’t have an opportunity to watch it on Saturday.

When dinner was through we also partook of pumpkin pie, which Heather bought to add to the meal. It was also delicious.

In the spirit of relaxation, I sat down to watch God Help The Girl, which I’ve been excited about seeing for a while. It was nice to have a relaxing day after such a draining one.

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Yesterday was AMAZING. I almost don’t know where to begin…

We started off by heading downtown so that we could try a new burger place at the Rideau Centre called Big Smoke Burger. The Rideau Centre has moved its food court, and renamed it the “dining hall”. Walking in almost felt like walking into another dimension, but finding the restaurant was simple enough. We each had a Green Burger - goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and cilantro-feta spread. It also came with lettuce, but we both opted out.

When we were done eating we decided to head over to Ottawa U to scope out the location of The Coup concert, as we really had no idea where we were going. Finding out way wasn’t as hard as it seemed, and we arrived pretty quickly. We were confirmed as being on the guest list, and headed in. One of the openers, Rebel Diaz was setting up, and started doing soundcheck. We really liked what we heard, so we were pretty sure that we’d really enjoy that portion of the show.

After a short while, The Coup arrived. We saw Boots walked in carrying a pile of t-shirts, along with JJ Jungle and Hassan Hurd. Boots started talking with some of the people involved in the show, and looked around a bit. He went backstage for a few moments. I was definitely anxious about meeting him. He’s been an inspiration, and though it isn’t usually difficult for me to meet celebrities, this one seemed daunting.

Boots retuned a few minutes later, and chatted with some more people before heading straight towards us. Heather said hi to him, and he shook her hand and said “Boots.” She introduced herself, and he turned to me. I shook his hand and said, “Matt.” He followed with “You’re Matt Fox?” He then commented on my Jello Biafra shirt. We talked to him for a few minutes about how happy we were that The Coup was finally in Ottawa, and told him about how we came to listen to them.He looked around and told us that he hoped the show would sound good. It was an odd little place for a show. We asked Boots for our standard Bono Puppet photo, which he gladly did. 


After that he said, “Well, we have a backstage area…” and led us towards the door to where they had gone earlier. He led us into the area backstage, and told us to help ourselves to snacks or wine. He then introduced us to the event organizers, and told them about my Kickstarter backing, and that we were had all access.

Heather needed to sit, as her back started bothering her, and Boots looked concerned. Heather didn’t think she had medication with her, and Boots actually asked if he could held find someone to go and get them. She said that it was okay, that it was far, and that rest should help. He headed back out, and we stayed for a few minutes so Heather could rest her back.

We went back out on the concert floor to watch The Coup do their soundcheck. It seemed to take quite a while to get satisfied with the sound, but we got to hear bits of Strange Arithmetic, including boots laying down some vocals. I know I was growing more and more excited. After soundcheck we checked out The Coup’s merch, and I got Heather one of their shirts. Boots stopped in again to ask if we were having a good time so far, and shook our hands again. He headed off, and it wasn’t too much longer before things got started.

The show started with Loon Choir, a band who had a very different feeling than we expected from the show. The seemed to be going for a somewhat Arcade Fire sort of appeal. I’m not sure how I feel about them… I know that the keyboard player was awesome, and really think she was the driving force behind the band. They were tight, but there was something just not right about them, all sort of centred around vocals. 

After the opening we took a moment to check out the Rebel Diaz merch. They had an amazing deal, allowing you a free CD if you purchased a t-shirt - all for $20. It didn’t take long for them to get set up, and they hit the stage just after that. They played an amazing set, stopping to talk to the crowd about building a movement, and talking about specific situations that helped fire people up. They their own take on “Which Side Are You On”, which was fantastic. We were incredibly happy that we had the opportunity to grab the CD and T-shirt.

There was a long pause before The Coup started, as set up seemed to be a bit more complex. I knew my excitement was building to its highest level. We had to get a chair for Heather, as her back was really bothering her, and she simply couldn’t stand any more. They were cool with us putting it right in front of the stage, so we didn’t even have to leave. At  shortly after 11, The Coup took the stage, starting the show with Everythang. Honestly, everything was sort of a blur after that in terms of what song came when… Over the course of the night they played Strange Arithmetic, We Are The Ones, 5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O., The Magic Clap, ShoYoAss, The Guillotine, The Gods Of Science, My Favorite Mutiny, Ride The Fence, You Are Not A Riot, Ass-Breath Killers, Laugh/Love/Fuck, Fat Cats Bigga Fish, and Land Of 7 Billion Dances. There were several moments when Boots sang right in my face, and when it got My Favorite Mutiny, and it’s famous line “Boots Riley, it’s a pleasure to meet you…”, Boots reached out and shook my hand, followed by other members of the crowd. I was in motion nonstop throughout the evening, though I wish that Heather would have been able to join in. She still greatly enjoyed the show.

When the show was finally over - which wasn’t until a little after one - we stuck around to thank Boots, and hopefully meet Silk-E, and other members of the band. When we finally got to see Boots again, he told Heather that he was sorry that she wasn’t able to stand, and he proceeded to give her some advice on exercises that might help improve her back. We told him that we had a great time, and thanked him as we wanted to. I got him to sign a show poster, which was pretty awesome. We asked if Silk-E would be coming out, and Boots said she usually did, though he also told us where to find her, and told us to just bang on the door. We did attempt that, but knocked politely instead of banging. No one answered, so we ended up heading back. We did see JJ Jungle nearby, and we told him that it was an amazing show, and got his picture with Bono Puppet as well.


We waited a bit longer to see if Silk-E or Hassan would come out, but we didn’t see either of them. We headed for the bus, and made our way home. It was an epic night of music, much as I had expected it to be. I didn’t take too many photos, but what I did take can be seen on Flickr.

Video 6 Sep

Ottawa, don’t miss your opportunity to see The Coup, tonight at Ottawa U! Check out the details on Facebook!

Text 6 Sep

Last week our four day weekend was rather full, starting with our anniversary on the 29th. Heather had to sleep through as much as she could of the day, as she had just come off of working an overnight. In the late afternoon we made our way to Montana’s to have nice dinner before heading over to the movie theatre to see Ghostbusters. We had great service at Montana’s, and when we were finished we headed over to the theatre to see if they had begun seating. We grabbed snacks, and joined a small queue that had formed outside the movie. It didn’t take long for us to get seated. The theatre had a decent turnout, but it could have been more packed. We sadly had some annoying children in our row who decided to ask their mother questions throughout the entire movie. Had they whispered it would have been bearable, but they were speaking very audibly for everyone to hear. Overall we did have fun, all the same.

Saturday we took a while getting up and active, but we headed downtown in the afternoon to do a few things. We wandered in Mrs. Tiggy Winkles for a few minutes, and then headed over to Trivium to pick up some hair dye. When we were done there we went to the Fluevog store so that Heather could pick up her most recent Fluevogs, her Erika’s. Heather decided to try on some shoes, and we ended up getting some of the most amazing service that we’ve had in the Ottawa store. The staff was observant, and seemed knowledgeable, which was awesome. After we were finished we headed over to Milestones for lunch.

We were sad to see that our favourite burger - the four cheese burger - had been taken off the menu. Luckily, all the ingredients are still available, and they were able to make us two burgers. They buns were different, but the burger still tasted delicious. The fries were not as good as the curly fries that they used to serve were, but the burger was great. We had dessert as well before leaving.

We stopped in at St. Laurent so I could grab the Ghostbusters soundtrack on vinyl, which I’d been excited to pick up. We did a bit of other wandering. Heather picked up some paint, and I got a much needed watch. We browsed in Bath & Body Works, which has their fall scents out… There are so many that we need!!!

We headed towards home, though I needed to make a quick stop at Place to pick up toilet paper. I couldn’t really complain about that, because in the end there was some sort of price error, and I paid $3.99 for toilet paper that usually costs $12.99. I communicated my confusion over the price, but the cashier had no issue with it being that low… So that was pretty awesome.

Sunday Heather had a meeting at work, so Inno, Marianne, and I accompanied her so that we could check out Halloween costumes, and wait for her once the meeting was on. We had fun browsing the costume area, and afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at Gabriel Pizza before making our way back so Heather could go to her meeting. While she was inside Marianne, Inno, and I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, and chatted in the parking lot. At the end we ended up getting a lift back to Orleans, which was nice.

Labour Day we were supposed to have a gathering, but things fell through. We ended up spending the day relaxing as much as possible.

I had planned to post this early in the week, but it was a pretty hectic week at work. We’ve already made it to this weekend, which promises to be a good one. I’m very excited to see The Coup tonight!

Photo 28 Aug 2 notes September is going to start with, what I imagine will be the most amazing night of music I’ve experienced in a while. The Coup is playing a show at Ottawa University. If you live in Ottawa, this is a show to check out. If you have friends in town, spread the word.

September is going to start with, what I imagine will be the most amazing night of music I’ve experienced in a while. The Coup is playing a show at Ottawa University. If you live in Ottawa, this is a show to check out. If you have friends in town, spread the word.

Video 24 Aug 2 notes

Finally got the Lego Ecto-1, and it consumed some time last night. Much fun was had, and much awesome was created. =)

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